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Relationship is everything in the classroom

I was attending a Professional Learning day before commencing the final term of the year and one of the presentations used this clip from Youtube as a point of reference.

I was taken by Rita Pierson’s presence and humanity. It was refreshing to hear someone so passionate about her students and the experiences that she has with them.

Irrespective of the content or the context of the your teaching, this is a truly inspirational talk.


A new start – quidfac inquit


After a few issues around hacking a little¬† while back, I have decided to refloat quidfac inquit as my blog. Hopefully it will be a little more secure this time around. I am hoping to cogitate, reflect, vent, kvetch and generally whatever about whatever to do with¬†the teaching and learning of Classical Studies, Latin and Religious Education. So here goes blog version two. Where better to start in these things than from the Parthenon…