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Latin Teaching: Some useful research links

Continuing on from my other post of useful things, below are some more handy on-line resources. These are more directed at research and cultural background, rather than language study



  • Rome Project


Dalton has been around for a while as a very useful site for links across all aspects of Ancient Rome.



  • Forum Romanum Project


Much like Google, this gives you a computer generated view of Ancient Rome. They describe themselves as follows:

The Forum Romanum is an on-line resource project funded by the VRoma NEH grant aimed at creating an on-line community that collects and makes available materials related to the Roman Forum. This web site contains a clickable map and text links that will carry visitors to information about major structures of the Roman Forum. Each page contains a description of the structure, its function and an image. Links to related stories, more images and maps, textbook connections, literary references, famous characters, and relevant web sites are included.



  • BBC – History: Romans


BBC History has useful essays dealing with aspects of Roman History and in particular Roman Britain.



  • Internet History Sourcebooks


The Internet History Sourcebooks have been on the web and have updated over time into a much more user friendly format.



  • De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers and their Families


This site contains a range of useful, referenced essays on the life of each Emperor. The coverage is less complete as the Principate moves on past  Late Antiquity in the Eastern Empire (Byzantium).